I’m Chelsea Scanlan!
I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.

I’m a Zyia Active leader, small business mentor and mama to the most fun little boy.
I LOVE helping women find their strengths, build their own businesses, and have confidence in crushing whatever goals they set.

I believe in creating the life and community you’re dreaming of now.
I’m here to help you do just that!
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Being a small business owner has blessed my life in so many ways.
The freedom it has given me is priceless.
I want to help you find a way to support YOUR lifestyle + goals with the uniqueness of you.


My Story

When my miracle son was born, I realized that I wanted freedom for our future. I didn’t want to worry about finances or being away each day to have to provide. I needed to find a way to have financial freedom while doing something I enjoyed and did from home. Honestly, it sounded impossible.

As I worked on various small business ventures, I found myself struggling with the same problems over and over. I was away from my son while working, struggling to come up with upfront costs and constantly stuck with inventory. The service industry was difficult in a different way, because unless I was actively working, I wasn’t making money.

While taking on clients as a brand strategist, I realized that I loved supporting small business owners, finding a way to work with unique situations to create a successful business and teach others how to grow a brand - and I wanted to coach more.

I had heard of those who have done well with Direct Sales. In the beginning, I didn’t ever think it was for me. I could see the potential and the benefits of a being a part of a company like that - never holding inventory, no huge upfront costs, learning and working with a system that worked, and having passive income- but I didn’t think it was for me. I had friends who took their skills and excelled in direct sales, but whenever they asked if I was interested, I never was. The product or brand wasn’t an organic part of my life. I’ve learned, that in order to really excel at something in the long run, it has to be something you believe in.

I live a pretty basic lifestyle where I try to be a good mama and work on having a healthy body, mind and home - wellness, activity and happiness are so important to me! I watched as the popularity of direct sales grew, and I kept saying to myself - well, if there was a company with something that is already a part of my every day life-that I truly LOVED-THEN I would do it in a heart beat.

One night I was cruising Instagram and BAM. I came across a brand new company that swore that their leggings (that looked EXACTLY like the ones I was eyeing at the mall but couldn’t afford), were just as high of quality, as great of a fit, but for a better price. This company I came across had great style, impeccable quality and they came out with new stuff EVERY WEEK.

Even better? I read through their posts and realized that they were bringing on hard working, motivated people to be a part of their company. This Direct Sales company was making companies like Lululemon, Nike, Athleta and Outdoor Voices a run for their money, and I knew I had to learn more.

I jumped on and sent a DM at 10 PM that night. The owners emailed me back immediately, and luckily the warehouse was here in the Salt Lake Valley so I asked if I could come by, see what they had in person, and ask some questions.

I met with them the next morning. I tried on the clothes. I talked to them about the business. I GRILLED the owners. I remember them saying that nobody had ever asked them so many questions! And when I went home, I realized I would be STUPID not to do this.

I joined Zyia Active and haven’t looked back. I get to work with incredible, kind, hard working people all over the US and Canada who advocate for a happy, healthy lifestyle, while assisting people all over the US and Canada to grow their OWN business with Zyia Active. I am fulfilled and so happy. I’m able to use my skills and passion for wellness and support the lifestyle so many already strive to live, not disrupt it.

I don’t have to have inventory. I don’t have to package products to ship. I’m not taking a huge financial risk. I can direct people straight to my site, and then corporate warehouse takes care of the rest. I can use the skills I have to assist others to grow their businesses, and with a site full of products, I actually can create a passive income.

This company is making WAVES in the athleisure + activewear world.. In GENERAL. Fast forward to only 1.5 years later with this company and we’ve grown over 800%. 800%. Where will it take me in five years?

I don’t believe that everyone needs to come into a direct sales company and do things the exact same way. It’s an opportunitiy to come in, create a business of your own, and do things in a way that support YOUR personality, lifestyle, and brand that will grow your business. I love working with others to find ways to do that with Zyia Active.

I love what I do. I work every day with my son alongside me. We take off work when we need to. We work when we need to. I work closely with a team of incredibly hard working people who support wellness in the lives of their families and their own. This business comes natural and it’s growing so fast.
If you have questions about what I do or just want to chat more about Zyia Active, shoot me an email here.

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