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I’m so happy that you’re here and ready to join me in my love for supporting an active, happy and confident life!

To purchase athleisure + activewear at any time , ORDER HERE and browse all our items for women, men + kids! Make sure the name Chelsea Scanlan appears in the web address.
New items launch every Wednesday!

Sign up as a Rep – This does not mean you have to sell activewear ever (but most do, since it’s an incredible opportunity -I think you should!) – it just means you are getting a starter kit (tons of clothes at a huge discount!) & will therefore get 25% off retail prices always!

When signing up, you can select the sizes of your choice for our 5 top selling items included in your kit.
The kit typically includes our famous leggings, a jacket, bra, top and hat.
After your registration is complete, you’ll receive information to log in and use your $200 gift certificate to order those additional items that you’d like to have for yourself or others.

When you sign up as a Zyia rep, you have the option of joining our private business mentorship group on Facebook, which is where you can learn everything you need to know about our products, sizing, starting your business & connect with an amazing, inspiring community. 
If you are ready to start selling the Zyia Active and sharing about the company, I am passionate about helping women earn an incredible income to help support their families! We have weekly trainings, one-on-one mentoring, and all the tools to welcome you into our Stride Tribe!
You can totally do this.


What is Zyia Active? 
Zyia Active is ones of the new babes on the block and is a Direct Sales company. We create athleisure + activewear for women, men and kids of every lifestyle and size. We launch new items every single week!
Our products are constantly converting those Lululemon, Outdoor Voices, Athleta + Nike addicts with our incredible quality, styles, and uplifting culture! Zyia Active has grown over 800% in 2 years and is now officially available to purchase and join the company in the US + Canada.

Why Zyia Active? 
Zyia Active’s goal is to provide comfortable, high end athleisure + activewear to women, men and kids everywhere that caters to their needs without it breaking the bank. We believe that you can feel confident and excited to get out and bring light and activity into your life through movement. Our incredible community is here to uplift and inspire each other and we know that these are essential to create a life you’re dreaming of through a business as well. I stand 100% behind the quality of our products, the leaders within our company, and the incredible business that is available to anyone ready to take hold of their dreams and run with it. There is no better company providing athleisure + activewear that is brand new, with HUGE potential to grow, while providing new products every single week!

How does the business work? 
With a personalized website for your business, you are able to direct customers to your site at any time. Anyone can go to your site and purchase Zyia Active anywhere in the US or Canada. After an order is placed, our warehouse completes the order. They take care of shipping the products from our warehouse directly to your customer, emailing tracking information, and processing payment so you can focus on the parts of the business that let you shine - building awesome relationships, empowering others, and inspiring activity and community with those around you. You receive commission off over every sale that comes through your site, so you can build your business any time of day.
Wearing incredible, high quality items that you’ll love is a part of what we do to build our business - and it’s by far, my favorite part!

How do I make money ? 
You’ll get a full training on this, and you can see a video about it here, but as mentioned above, our group of Zyia reps, as well as my background in small business consulting will assist you in creating a simplified business plan to work a business that suits your lifestyle. With so many platforms to share what you do, create sales and share about Zyia, there is something for you and your lifestyle that will work to help you grow. We constantly have trainings, resources and tools to assist in you in hitting goals that will benefit you financially and build your income. Every sale generates income for you, as well as monthly bonus opportunities, and incentives.

What do I get in my starter kit? 
A starter kit includes 5 of our popular selling items which typically are -our famous leggings, a jacket, bra, top and hat You’ll be able to select which size you’d like these items to be in your kit, as well. You’ll also receive information to log in to your back office and new website (which is included) and use a $200 gift certificate which is part of your starter kit. You’ll receive a box in the mail within 3 - 5 business days including your 5 items, training and promotional materials, and some welcome mail from me, your sponsor!

Do I have to order Zyia Active monthly or sell them? 

Nope! Your kit can be a one time purchase, but along with it comes a wholesale membership, which just means that should you decide to order Zyia Active at any time, you’ll get a 25% off discount! You will be required to pay for your personal site for $15 after the first two months if you choose not to sell or purchase that month, but that is the only fee required.

If you still have questions or just want to chat more about Zyia Active, shoot me an email here.

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